One-on-one coaching

Bringing humanity back to dating and kissing the dating game goodbye

My transformational 16-week dating program is for ambitious, heterosexual Asian-American men who are ready to work their asses off and devote themselves wholly to their personal growth. I work equally as hard as my clients, revolving my life around helping them to discover and develop their inner Asian sexiness. Therefore, to ensure the quality of my work, I only accept three one-on-one coaching clients at a time. Given this, I conduct a rigorous screening process before accepting participants into the program. Once in the program, I expect my clients to complete all weekly assignments and show up to meetings fully present. (Consider me a tiger coach , if you will. ;)) The first ten weeks of the program involve intense and emotionally challenging work, so I ask that my clients refrain from dating for the first ten weeks to focus solely on their personal growth and discovery.

Week 1-6

The first six weeks of my program are focused on both of us getting to know you inside out. For six weeks, we will meet weekly for two hours. For our first meeting, we will meet at a location of your choice, similar to where you would take a first date. At this meeting, I will get a feel for who you are, how you present yourself, how you interact, and what feelings you evoke–just like a first date.  During this meeting, we will explore your passions, hobbies, goals, family history, and other details that would be appropriate to discuss on a first date. I will be taking note of my first impressions to in order to provide you useful feedback as we continue to work together.

As we continue to meet weekly, we will dig up everything about you from your passions/skills/hobbies to your dating history, identity, ideas of masculinity, values, views on sex, successes, insecurities, communication styles, attachment style, and more. As I get to know you, I will help you to discover your unique sex appeal and give you feedback on what makes you attractive. During these six weeks, you will be given assignments to complete throughout the week to practice connection, intimacy, and vulnerability.

Week 7-10

In weeks 7-10 of my program, we will meet weekly for one hour, as you will be spending extra time during these weeks going on practice dates with my staff. When we meet, we will gather all of the information we have gained about your authentic self, and we will examine the ways your true self is or is not fully represented externally. We will take a look at your style, your home, your online persona, the way you carry yourself, your personality projection, the way you communicate, what you share about yourself, and you will decide if your lifestyle and presentation accurately represents who you are the way you want, and why or why not. We will go deep and figure out what blocks you may have that prevent your inner sex appeal from showing.

We will also work together to brainstorm unique date places that fit who you are and what you enjoy. We will discuss and explore your feelings and comfort levels around sex and physical intimacy and how you can effectively communicate with women about both of your boundaries.

During these four weeks, my focus is not to give advice or tell you what you should or shouldn’t do, but to give you feedback on my observations, my perceptions, my feelings, and my experiences with you. My diverse staff will also report back honest feedback of their observations, perceptions, feelings, and experiences with you based on your practice dates. You will also be given a chance to report your experience of the “dates,” and what you learn about yourself through interacting with these women. Given the feedback you receive from me and my staff, YOU get to decide if you want to make any changes in the way you project who you are and relate to others based on what is in line with your authentic self.

Week 11-16

The homework and meetings from weeks 1-10 will give you practice experiencing connection, intimacy, and vulnerability and will prepare you for a lifestyle conducive to meeting women in person in order to actively go on dates during weeks 11-16. We will continue to meet for one hour a week either by phone or in person to strategize about meeting women, discuss your dates, and discuss whatever comes up for you in the dating process.  In addition to our one hour weekly meetings, during weeks 11-16, I will be accessible by phone and text message throughout the day to stay updated on your dating experiences and whatever feelings you may be experiencing around it. You will have unlimited access to me by text, as well as a 10-minute pep talk and 10-minute debriefing call before and after dates.


For this highly specialized and personalized service, I charge $8,000 for the 16-week program. Individuals who complete my program have the option of continuing to meet with me for my hourly fee of $250 for as long as they would like. This program is not only a financial investment, but an emotional and social one as well. I only work with individuals who are fully invested in their personal growth and are serious about learning to cultivate a nurturing and healthy relationship. If you are interested in participating in my one-on-one coaching program, please fill out the form below to begin your application process.

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Working with me will be challenging and rewarding, but it will not always be comfortable. My staff and l will be giving you honest feedback about our experiences with you that will often be insightful and uplifting, but sometimes challenging. This may feel vulnerable and difficult at times, but there are very few opportunities you will have in life to get such open and useful feedback that will help you grow in your ability to accurately project who you are and connect with others. Are you willing and able to handle honest feedback, and do you believe it is necessary for your personal growth?

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