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Bringing humanity back to dating and kissing the dating game goodbye

I provide a 16-week group dating coaching program for Asian-American men who would like to do this work in community with other men.

My transformational 16-week dating program is designed for 4-6 ambitious, heterosexual Asian-American men who are ready to work their asses off and devote themselves wholly to their personal growth. Men can apply in a group with their friends or individually.

There will be weekly homework that I expect all participants to complete. These assignments will exercise connection, intimacy, and/or vulnerability both with strangers and people in participants’ lives. The first six weeks of the program will involve intense emotional and social work among group members, so I ask that participants refrain from dating for the first six weeks.

Week 1

During the first week, I will meet each of the group participants individually at a location of their choice at a place similar to where they would invite a first date. At this meeting, I will get a feel for who they are, how they present themselves, how they interact, and what feelings they evoke–just like a first date. During this meeting, we will explore each group member’s individual passions, hobbies, goals, family history, and other details that would be appropriate to discuss on a first date. I will provide a written overview of my first impressions from this meeting to give each individual group member at the second meeting.

Week 2

Week 2 will be our first meeting as a group. All group meetings are two hours long. During this meeting, I will get you geared up for your dating journey. I will help you to reframe your mindset toward dating and women and lay out the framework and philosophy from which we will be doing this work. We will talk about what it means to bring humanity back to dating and how you can be successful without playing games. Group members will get acquainted with each other, with their goals, and with their impressions of one another. Group dynamics are a vital aspect of the program, as similar to the one-on-one program, instead of my staff providing feedback to group members, the group itself will serve as the opportunity to make impressions and share and receive feedback.


Weeks 3-7

During weeks 3-8, we will dig deep to understand who each group member is, what factors have shaped who they are, and what has influenced their self-perceptions.  We will cover themes including:

  • masculinity
  • intersectionality
  • prejudice
  • religion/spirituality
  • attachment styles
  • dating histories/experiences
  • relationship goals
  • sex and sexuality
  • boundaries/consent

Group members will have the opportunity to pick each other’s brains about dating and relationships as well as seek my woman’s perspective as a relationship therapist and coach.

Week 8

During week 8, we will spend time sharing and receiving feedback from one another around first impressions and how impressions changed or grew over the first eight weeks as group members interacted with each other. This will be a crucial opportunity for growth around self-awareness and vulnerability–two extremely important components of being able to have a successful relationship.

Group members will also prepare to meet women and go on dates. The homework and meetings from weeks 1-7 will have prepared you for a lifestyle conducive to meeting women in person and having confidence around spending time with women. We will work together to brainstorm date ideas fitting for each individual group member based on their unique personality and interests. We will create a plan for group members to support one another through connecting each other with their personal networks, staying connected during the week for support and accountability, or even supporting each other as “wingmen” as they work to meet women throughout the week.

Weeks 9-16

Weeks 9-16 will be spent processing dating experiences and gaining support from group members. We will continue to explore how themes covered in weeks 1-8 apply in real life.


The group dating program is $2,000 for the 16-week program. Individuals who complete the group program have the option of meeting with me individually for my hourly fee of $250 both during the program and after for as long as they would like. This program is not only a financial investment, but an emotional and social one as well. I only work with individuals who are fully invested in their personal growth and are serious about learning to cultivate a nurturing and healthy relationship. If you are interested in participating in my group coaching program, please fill out the form below to begin your application process.

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Working with me will be challenging and rewarding, but it will not always be comfortable. My staff and l will be giving you honest feedback about our experiences with you that will often be insightful and uplifting, but sometimes challenging. This may feel vulnerable and difficult at times, but there are very few opportunities you will have in life to get such open and useful feedback that will help you grow in your ability to accurately project who you are and connect with others. Are you willing and able to handle honest feedback, and do you believe it is necessary for your personal growth?

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