Coed group 

Bringing humanity back to dating and kissing the dating game goodbye

As a dating coach and licensed therapist who specializes in relationship issues, I hear all of the juicy, raw details about dating and relationships. The information, thoughts, and feelings my clients share with me about their dating lives are so revelatory about what people are really looking for in relationships, I decided to bring this information directly to my clients by forming a coed dating process group for people who want to learn what’s really going on in the minds of their dates and are willing to share their personal experiences to help others learn as well.
In this group we will explore themes such as:
  • Ghosting
  • Can friends become lovers
  • Best dates
  • Worst dates
  • Turnoffs
  • Turnons
  • What does “I’m not looking for anything serious” actually mean?
  • Being asked out in person
  • When to kiss?
  • When to have sex?
  • Dating apps
  • Consent
  • Who should pay?
This group will be open to four Asian Pacific Islander-identified men and four Asian Pacific Islander-identified women who are ready and willing to put themselves out there and engage in honest, open discussion about what dating is really like for them. The group will be on Wednesday evenings from 7:30-9:00pm and will begin once all eight slots fill. Cost is $50/session, and the group will run for 8 weeks.
Contact me today at 630-384-9065 or to apply and secure your spot!

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